What Makes Arete Pharmacy Network Different

American Associated Pharmacies and H. D. Smith combined respective pharmacy services administrative organizations (PSAO) into a stand-alone PSAO entity, servicing more than 2,300 independent retail pharmacies across the United States. Known as Arete Pharmacy Network, will combine and succeed H. D. Smith’s Third Party Network and AAP’s United Drugs. Arete Pharmacy Network is an independent PSAO, focused on the success and profitability independent and community pharmacies.

Our philosophy is that one size does not fit all. Our solutions can be adapted for each of our pharmacies’ unique needs. Our solutions and team are dedicated to delivering timesaving resources - enabling you to focus on quality patient care. This new combination of offerings, with a focus on managed care contracting and expanded tools and services, allows pharmacies to deliver quality care as a differentiator in their communities. Arete Pharmacy Network can help effectively manage the financial, quality and operational aspects of your pharmacy business.

Arete Pharmacy Network serves as an important voice and negotiation force for independent retail pharmacy. Arete Pharmacy Network has enhanced capabilities to promote Star Ratings, educate and reinforce compliance, address underpaid claim reimbursements, provide audit protection and ensure all payments are processed to pharmacies as quickly as possible.

Arete is a Greek word, chosen to represent this PSAO because of the meaning of the word. Arete means virtue, excellence and that which is good. In healthcare, quality is critical to long-term success. The purpose of Arete Pharmacy Network is to provide the tools and resources necessary for pharmacies to achieve superior quality rankings in the eyes of payers and customers.

At Arete Pharmacy Network, we are committed to the success and profitability of independent pharmacy.

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