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Arete Pharmacy Network's competitive portfolio of programs and services is designed to provide your pharmacy with the necessary tools and resources to meet the demands of today's regulatory environment. Explore a cost-efficient package of solutions for compliance, quality, and financial success. Contact us to learn more»

Managed Care Contracting

Arete Pharmacy Network's long-standing relationships with regional and national health plans as well as pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) provide the advantage of competitive reimbursement rates for your independent pharmacy. With in-house expertise garnered over a period of thirty years and more, our Managed Care Team oversees the review and execution of your contracts with ease. The administrative burden is lifted off your pharmacy, saving you valuable time that you can devote to serving your patients.

Quality Center

The Quality Center is a personalized toolkit designed to help your pharmacy navigate the CMS Part D Star Ratings measures and your individual performance scores. This solution delivers patient specific data through an innovative feature which provides you with actionable data that you can leverage to make changes to patient outcomes and boost your performance scores.

Compliance GUARDIAN

A turn-key solution that combines high impact instructional design to deliver training on requirements for HIPAA Security as well as Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA). This customized web-based solution includes OIG and GSA Sanction List verification to help a pharmacy maintain accurate records on its staff to ensure that no employee is on the exclusion list.


An efficient solution designed to safeguard the gross margin of generic Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) claims for your pharmacy. Combining leading-edge technology and expertise, ClaimGUARD effectively identifies MAC claims that have been underpaid and automatically submits them for appeal to Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs).

Central Pay

A centralized payment model that conveniently aggregates payments for your pharmacy. Expand your access to patients and participate in narrow and preferred networks through your affiliation with Arete Pharmacy Network's Central Pay program. Larger payers tend to offer contracts to PSAOs with proven and reliable capabilities for central pay.

True Script Reporter

Utilize an innovative reporting platform to keep track of payments made to your pharmacy and to help you reconcile your accounts effectively. Custom options provide a Summary, Detail, Adjustment and DIR Fee Report.

Online Credentialing

A web-based platform designed to help your pharmacy maintain and renew licensure. Securely complete PBM required credentialing and safeguard your pharmacy's ability to benefit from group contract rates, qualify for Pay-for-Performance incentive programs, and maintain your eligibility to fill prescriptions.


AuditGUARD combines education on best practices, benchmark reporting, and claims review with real-time audit consultation services to deliver a cost-effective all-in-one solution. Our team of subject matter experts works to lay the foundation for fair audit practices by reviewing and third-party contracts for key elements such as the notice of an audit in advance, reasonable response deadlines and the availability of a grievance process.


Leverage an accurate and cost-efficient method of matching data from your software directly to 835 (electronic remittance advice) files to confirm payment for every prescription. Payments are verified electronically to validate that your pharmacy is paid the amount agreed upon during adjudication.